Are you looking for a place to consider “home?” Our family’s experience at Christ, Prince of Peace has been nothing short of a homecoming. Growing up in parochial schools, I had no comparison of any outside world … while my husband had the complete opposite going K through 12th in the public system. We were very relaxed when we decided to place our first child in the local public school for his Kindergarten prep … until after the program was complete, and I was left feeling like something was missing. My husband suggested to tour CPOP, as we had “nothing to lose.” So we took the tour. Both of us felt immediately welcomed, secure and were certain we’d found “home” to watch our children develop academically, socially and spiritually over the next pivotal years of their lives. The faculty far exceeded our expectations and did everything promised to reserve our place in the church and school. And since then God has worked His miracles and provided us with so many wonderful friends that will be lifelong. We have also had the privilege of being a part of the body that helps keep this community thriving, and we enjoy every minute of making CPOP our “home!”  So why not come and see for yourself?!

René C.

CPOP Parent

My family and I moved to the area a handful of months ago and finding the perfect preschool for my children was a top priority. Through recommendation, we discovered CPOP. From the first glance, we had a different outlook of the future through the eyes of our children. Beginning with a guided tour from two bright 8th graders, getting a chance to speak with other CPOP parents about the community and finally meeting Father Chris, the decision seemed to be one that was guided through faith and fate and we immediately enrolled. Our son is thriving within the school system, and we have discovered more than just a parish in our new area. We have found a community guided by faith and filled with friendship.

Sarah N.

CPOP Parent

When we moved our family from Los Angeles, California to St. Louis a few years ago, we were in search of not only a nurturing, yet challenging academic environment for our sons, but also a welcoming community for our family to replace the one we were leaving behind. We are so thankful to have found Christ, Prince of Peace school and parish. The faculty is compassionate, the students engaged and the parish community is second to none. You can’t help but fall in love with this gem of a parish and school. It has become a home away from home and the place where seeds of lifelong friendships have bloomed for our entire family.

Jen D.

CPOP Parent