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We are a co-ed Catholic school in west St. Louis County enrolling students 3 years of age through 8th grade. We inspire students to achieve academic excellence, deepen their faith, develop social responsibility through service learning and foster lifelong friendships. We encourage you to visit our vibrant school to experience the CPOP difference!

Learn What Makes CPOP Exceptional

Our school is alive with vibrant faculty, energized students and committed and caring parents. We have a mission and a purpose to “Inspire Faith and Learning” and this is woven into all we do at CPOP.

What Parents Love About CPOP

Faith & Serivce

Daily prayer, priest presence, weekly mass and service projects help students build character, deepen their faith, develop social responsibility and foster lifelong friendships. CPOP nurtures a faith commitment that inspires a joyful personal relationship with God and promotes Catholic principles of justice, peace and compassion.

Individualized Attention

An 18:1 student-teacher ratio and small class sizes guarantee personalized attention and the ability to focus on the individual child. Educational resources (including a learning consultant, reading resource teacher) allow for differentiated instruction in the classrooms and programs to stretch and support student growth.

Comprehensive Curriculum

CPOP’s intellectually challenging program of studies includes teaching advanced research, STEM concepts, computer, literature, math, social studies, religion, music, art, Spanish, P.E. and more. Eighth grade students have the option to take Algebra. Our curriculum is designed to help students reach their full potential in a challenging yet nurturing academic environment.

Welcoming Community

The “spirit of joy” pervades our campus. We are a warm, welcoming and involved community, and CPOP offers a home where each child is well-cared-for and loved. Teachers act as co-educators with committed and caring parents and children are energized and engaged.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer aftercare as well as an extensive list of extra-curricular activities including band, choir, Scouts, Math Facts Scholars, Sewing Club, Math Club, Art Club, Speech Team, Student Council, Bricks for Kids, Dance, Sports, Chess, Girls on the Run, Mad Science, Middle School musical and many more.

Early Childhood Center

Our competitively priced, full and part-time ELC is for potty-trained children starting at age 3. The flexible program provides a loving and caring environment while preparing for kindergarten. We help develop the child’s awareness that he or she is unique and capable of limitless knowledge.

OUR SCHOOL at a Glance

Student-teacher ratio and small class size guarantees students receive personalized attention
Teachers, faculty and staff, each of whom genuinely care about the success of the students
Amazing new STEM lab that allows students to engage in leading edge technology
of our 8th graders were accepted into the St. Louis high school of their choice


CPOP STL Giving Day

COVID-19 has changed so much, but it can’t change our giving spirit. Support CPOP now through Thursday, May 7 as part of Give STL Day 2020! Give STL Day is…
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The teachers are WILD about CPOP @CPOPGators @CpopParish #BeTheGreaterGator

Our @CPOPGators 1st graders came up with some awesome ideas of what the Ts should be for Halloween! #BeTheGreaterGator

CPOP Ts working hard all day at PD @CPOPGators Ready to share our WHY #bethegreatergator

Great day of PD and team building w/ all the @CPOPGators Ts! Special thanks to @cindydcooney and @Mommyfic for reminding me of my why! #BeTheGreaterGator

Here’s a sampling of what some of our ⁦@CPOPGators⁩ have been up to in Art class: 5th grade Lichtenstein Self-Portraits; 6th grade Cave Art; 1st grade Mondrian collages; and Kindergarten combined Art and Stem while students designed treehouses on their tree paintings!

These 1st grade ⁦@CPOPGators⁩ Wolf Kahn inspired trees will be beautiful on any ⁦@ArttoRemember⁩ product, and make great gifts to boot! #bethegreatergator #fundraiser #arteducation

Masks do not muffle the enthusiasm of learning for these ⁦@CPOPGators⁩!#BeTheGreaterGator

Our @CPOPGators 3rd graders and 2nd graders are getting into the Halloween spirit with buddy cards and roll a dice Halloween stories! #BeTheGreaterGator

Our @CPOPGators preschoolers did an awesome job matching uppercase and lowercase letters today! #BetheGreaterGator

Had a beautiful day collecting pond and fungi samples with 7th grade ⁦@CPOPGators⁩! Now we have a pond ecosystem that’s growing in our science lab! Thanks to ⁦@Amyloveanderson⁩ ⁦@MrsKleinCPOP⁩ ⁦⁦@BenoistCPOP⁩

Clever cuneiform messages created by 6th grade ⁦@CPOPGators⁩ today in STEM. Can’t wait to finish and decode!

Registered to attend Demo Days presented by Champions For Science! Always fun to explore new ideas to share with @CPOPGators Ss!


These ⁦@CPOPGators⁩ ELC4, K, and 4th grade masterpieces will make wonderful Christmas gifts with our ⁦@ArttoRemember⁩ fundraiser coming up! Stay tuned! #bethegreatergator

Today is the day for our Andy's Frozen Custard (Ballwin location) PTO Fundraiser! Please present this flyer at the time of purchase. Thank you for your support! 🍦🍨

7th ⁦@CPOPGators⁩ learning about the Blessed Trinity through a game. #BetheGreaterGator

We are officially kicking off our faculty theme days! September's theme is SUPERHERO! Thank you, teachers and staff, for being our superheroes not just today, but EVERYDAY! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️💜 #teachersaresuperheroes #archstl #bethegreatorgator

To the world you may be a teacher but in our eyes you are a SUPERHERO! #bethegreatergator @cpopalumni @CpopParish @CPOPGators @archstl

So excited to get our @Jen_Stark inspired collaborative mural up today! Way to go ⁦@CPOPGators⁩ 7th and 8th grade students! #bethegreatergator

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Abuse & Neglect

Victims of sexual abuse, in addition to contacting civil authorities, are asked to come forward in order to receive pastoral assistance.  Reports of abuse may be made to any Pastor or to:

Sandra Price, Executive Director
Office of Child & Youth Protection

Missouri Department of Social Services
Children’s Division Child Abuse & Neglect
Hotline Number:

Missouri Dept. of Health & Senior Services
Adult Abuse & Neglect Hotlain