Dress Out Day

Students are allowed to dress out of uniform on days designated as out-of-uniform days and the following rules apply:
  • Blue jean days are specified.  If blue jeans are allowed, only jeans with no holes or tears and ones that are not tight fitting are allowed.
  • As a general rule of thumb, students should have as much skin covered when they are out of uniform as they do in uniform, therefore:
  • If shorts are allowed, they must be a decent length.
  • Shirts or blouses must be suitable for school not the beach.
  • Tank tops, strapped tops, tube and crop tops, are not allowed.  At no time should there be any inappropriately exposed skin.
  • Advertising on shirts must be school appropriate.
  • Shoes must be sensible-high heeled shoes are dangerous and are not allowed.
  • On a child’s birthday or half birthday, he/she may dress out of uniform following the above guidelines.

Halloween: Orange and black shirts or socks may be worn with the uniform
Valentine’s Day: Red shirts or socks with uniform skirt/jumper/pants
Mardi Gras: Purple, green, and gold shirts and socks with uniform skirt/jumper/pants
St. Patrick’s Day: Green shirts and socks with uniform skirt/jumper/pants
Field Day:  Gym shorts with appropriate tee shirt - no tank tops
If any other days occur that are out of uniform, a note will be sent home stating proper attire for the day.  The day before Christmas break and the last day of school are full uniform days.
Clothing which may be appropriate for a recreational/social activity outside of school time is not necessarily appropriate for school.  We rely on the sound judgment and good taste of parents in avoiding unsuitable clothing such as clothes that are ragged, too short and T - shirts that have inappropriate connotations.  The school reserves the right to determine whether a student’s dress and appearance satisfies our requirements.


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