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Class Size

What is the average student/teacher ratio?
Currently the ratio on student to teacher is 21:1.

What is the average class size at Christ, Prince of Peace School?

Class size ranges from 16 to 29. A full time aid is placed in primary classes with more than 25 students.

Registration & Tuition

When is registration?
Re-registration for current families occurs during Catholic Schools Week in January of each year. Registration for new families begins at the beginning of February each year and is on-going until classes are filled.

What is the registration fee?
$210 - half due at the time of registration, and the balance due September 15. Activity fees, which vary by class, are due October 15.

Does Christ, Prince of Peace School accept non-Catholic students or students who are outside of parish boundaries?
Christ, Prince of Peace School does welcome diverse students to apply to our school, but  different tuition amounts do apply to those families who are not parishioners.

What are the current tuition rates?
See Tuition Page

Get It Done Day

What is "Get It Done Day"?
“Get It Done Day” (GIDD) is held on the first day of school with two sessions; one in the morning and one in the evening. This is a built in time for parents to complete all their beginning of the year paperwork.

Why is it important?

This event gives the parents an opportunity to hand in all of the necessary forms at the same time. (Forms are made available on the school website in advance.) At GIDD parents can verify demographic information, pay fees, talk to the nurses, buy logo items and gently used uniforms, sign up for volunteer activities, and reconnect with friends they haven’t seen all summer.

In-School Activities

What is the Buddy program?
The Buddy Program is a formal system through which older and younger students are paired up for a variety of special activities such as reading, attending Mass, and even getting out to the right car at dismissal. It allows the students to make special bonds and build relationships with the entire student body. Our students absolutely love seeing their buddies, even if it is only by passing in the hallway.

If my child is a Big Buddy, what is expected of them?
As a “senior buddy” our older students are expected to act as good role models. They are expected to be helpful and caring, while having fun at the same time.

What are CPOP's service projects?    When are they? Who benefits?
Christ, Prince of Peace students support Marygrove with proceeds from a Kickball Tournament in the fall, donations, and other fundraisers. At Christmas, each class “adopts” a family from the outreach program at St. Margaret of Scotland Parish, and the 8th grade class delivers the many boxes of food and gifts to the church for distribution. In winter the children jump rope for the Heart Association. In addition, many of the individual classes support their own favorite charities.

When and how often do children attend Mass?

Once a week with their classmates and again with their families on Saturday or Sunday.

Extracurricular Activities

How to I find out about CPOP Athletics?
The Christ, Prince of Peace Parish Athletic Association organizes the sports for our school children, which includes volleyball, soccer, basketball, softball, baseball and golf. The teams are composed of children from the school, parish and our community.

Soccer, basketball, softball and baseball are offered for Pre - K through 8th grade. Golf begins in 2nd grade. Volleyball begins in 3rd grade.    Registration is usually three to four months before the season starts, so please plan ahead. Please use the following link for additional information: http://www.ezrosters.com/stl-cpop/

Do you have a resident chapter for Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts?

The parish sponsors all levels of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. The link to the Boy Scout troop is http://bsaunit630.tripod.com and the contact for Girls Scouts is Kathy Jansen - her email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

What extracurricular activities are available for full time students at Christ, Prince of Peace School?
Extracurricular activities include, but are not limited to: Art Club, Band, Mad Science, Chess Club, Kickball Tournament, 8th Grade Cotillion,  Math Meets, Tippi Toes, Speech, Science Fair, STUCO, Youth Choir, and a Spring Musical.


How is technology applied in school?
Computer and library classes are cross-curricular classes, which means all lessons are designed with assistance of their homeroom teacher and tie directly to curriculum from the students’ core subjects. The Internet, Internet Safety and a variety of software applications including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, KidPix, iMovie, iPhoto and Google Earth are taught during the year. Homeroom teachers in grades one through four remain in the computer lab with Mrs. Grelle and Mrs. Mueller  during computer class and assist students in their computer coursework. Our mobile laptop labs, LCD projectors, and student response systems allow the homeroom teachers to incorporate technology into their daily lessons.    All homeroom classrooms are equipped with interactive SMART Boards. 


What is the school policy regarding birthdays?

As a special birthday “treat,” students will be allowed to dress out of uniform on the day of their birthday.  If a student’s birthday falls on a weekend or during a break, they may dress out the day before or after.  Students with summer birthdays may dress out on their half-birthdays.  Students should follow out of uniform guidelines for appropriate dress.


In order to comply with Archdiocese Wellness Plan standards, birthday treats are not to be sent into school.  In lieu of classroom treats, parents (or another “special” visitor) are invited to bring or send a special lunch for their child on their birthday.  Visitors are invited to stay and eat with the student.  Fast food will be permitted for lunch on this special day.


What is the Monthly News?
In an effort to be “green,” the school uses an electronic monthly folder. Once a month the principal writes a newsletter highlighting school and student accomplishments, upcoming events, social and scholastic recommendations, etc. All approved forms and flyers for upcoming activities and fundraisers are also included. The Monthly News is emailed to all parents and posted on our school website.

How does Christ Prince Of Peace and its teachers communicate with parents?
In addition to the Monthly News, weekly “Updates” are emailed to the families every Sunday giving the activities for the week and information about any upcoming events in the parish and in the school. Each teacher has an individual email address and phone extension with answering system. In addition, each teacher has a class page on the website giving class information, class events and projects. For Middle School students, there is also an online grading system in place to communicate with parents.


What is the percentage of teachers with advanced degrees?

What is the average tenure of the teaching staff?
12 Years

How are the Middle School classes structured?
Students in the Middle School switch classes throughout the day. This enables them to work with teachers who specialize in the subject area being taught.

How is primary school different from intermediate school?
Primary (Kindergarten – Second Grade) is self-contained except for Specials. Intermediate students switch classrooms and teachers for several subjects.

What are the advantages of having a middle school attached to the primary school?
Our Middle School students are the student leaders of our school. By being attached to an Elementary School, the Middle School students have the opportunity to act as leaders and role models on a daily basis. This helps the Middle School students build their self-esteem and set high standards for themselves as they move into high school.

Field Trips

How do I participate in field trips as a parent?
Field Trips are planned by the classroom teachers, and requests will go out for parent drivers and/or chaperones. All parents participating in field trips or any activities with the children must comply with the Archdiocese Safe Environment requirements. For more information contact the school office. Parents driving for field trips must also provide proof of adequate car insurance and a copy of their current driver’s license.

What/where are the field trips for each grade?
Each class, except Kindergarten, goes on a minimum of two field trips each year, some more.
Typical field trips are:
Kindergarten: Rombach’s Pumpkin Patch First Grade: Grant’s Farm, Community Day in Kirkwood, St. John’s Skilled Nursing Second Grade: St. John’s Skilled Nursing, The Botanical Gardens, Passionist Monastery Third Grade: Songfest, Transportation Museum, Magic House, Eckert’s Apple Farm Fourth Grade: Songfest, St. Charles, Art Museum Fifth Grade: Daniel Boone Home, Junior Achievement Biz Town Sixth Grade: Shaare Emeth, Sixth Grade Camp, Challenger Seventh Grade: Fox Theatre, History Museum, Six Flags Eighth Grade: Springfield, IL, St. Louis Cathedral Basilica, Holocaust Museum, Spanish Trip to El Napal, Graduation Mystery Trip

After School Care

Is there after school care availability? What is the contact information?
The after school care program is operated by the parish and is offered 3:00-6:00 p.m. every day school is in session. Any combination of days is available. The contact person is Mr. Dan Berry, 636-394-6840, ext. 152, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Mr. Berry is also the full time physical education teacher at Christ, Prince of Peace School.


Is there a hot lunch program available?
Yes, an optional hot lunch program is offered daily.

Are parents allowed to bring in a fast food lunch for their child?

Parents can bring lunches to their children on special occasions only, but fast food is discouraged due to the Archdiocese Wellness Plan requirements.

Early Learning Center

What are the age requirements for the Early Learning Center?
Age three by August 1 and no longer wearing pull ups

How many spots are available for the Early Learning Center?
Enrollment is considered closed at 20 students, after which a waitlist will be started.

Parental Involvement

What are the volunteer opportunities and requirements?
The PTO is the primary vehicle for many of the school's volunteering opportunities - although there are several outside of the PTO such as the Marketing organization and Athletic Association. The PTO has a Volunteer Committee Chair and Co- Chair who are responsible for securing the needed volunteers for the many activities hosted throughout the year. The PTO staffs a table at our “Get It Done Day” where families can sign up for various committees at the beginning of the year. All parent volunteers are required to comply with the Archdiocese Safe Environment requirements.

What are mandatory work requirements for parents?
Lunch duty is required with an option to “buy out.” In addition to lunch duty, the expectation is for 15 hours of volunteer time per child.


What special programs are in place to acclimate new middle school students?
The new students are assigned a “study buddy” that accompanies them to their classes, introduces them to the teachers, and helps them with school procedures.

What additional resources are available if my child is struggling in school?

Christ, Prince of Peace has two full time educators, a Reading Specialist and a Learning Consultant, who work with students, parents, teachers, Special School District, etc.

Middle School

What is the high school acceptance rate for the middle school?
All 8th grade students are accepted at a high school of their choice.

Upon 8th grade graduation, what is the highest completed level for math?
Middle School math classes are not leveled but are highly challenging. Students complete a curriculum including pre-algebra work and do well on high school placement exams. Freshmen honors courses are a viable option for our graduates.


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